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A Peek Inside Our Client Portal Experience

In this blog post, we'll take a behind the scenes look into the Elite AI Automations client portal, showcasing how we partner with businesses like yours to design and manage bespoke automations that enhance operational efficiency with precision and reliability. Home Page First up is the Home page, which stands as the command center for all the functions available within the portal. It's tailored to feature your company's branding, ensuring a seamless and intuitive navigation experience. Here, you can effortlessly explore and initiate various automation actions tailored to your business needs.

Automations Page Next, we introduce the Automations page, your gateway to enhancing organizational efficiency. This page allows you to review current automations and submit requests for new ones. For each existing automation, you'l find a "Job Status" column indicating its current state: "Working" signifies the automation is operational and delivering as expected; "Submitted" indicates your request has been received; "In Progress" shows that the development of your requested automation is underway; and "Under Maintenance" means routine checks and fixes are being conducted to ensure ongoing value. To request a new automation, you'll provide details such as a specific job name, a comprehensive description of its function, any necessary instruction files detailing the operation, required credentials like login information, and a URL the automation needs to access, if applicable. For existing automations, the portal enables you to access the latest outputs — which are typically uploaded directly to your systems but can also be retrieved here for convenience. Additionally, you can view the automation's current status and the timestamp of its last successful activation, whether triggered manually by your team or set to run automatically at predetermined times.

Book a Meeting Page Following that, we introduce the Book a Meeting page. This feature facilitates a straightforward process for your team members to schedule a quick consultation with us. Whether it's to evaluate the performance of existing automations or to explore innovative automation solutions that could elevate your business operations, this page ensures that expert advice is just a few clicks away.

Credentials Page Next up is the Credentials page, where we securely safeguard any sensitive details required by your automations, such as login credentials, API keys, and other necessary information. We ensure the highest level of security by storing these in an encrypted database, prioritizing the protection of your passwords and sensitive data above all else. Analytics Page Moving on to the Analytics page, this section illuminates the significant impact automation has made on your organization. It showcases critical metrics such as Total Processes Automated, Total Hours Saved, Monthly Hours Saved, and Savings by Process, offering a clear picture of efficiency gains. To derive these statistics, we allocate a "Human Minutes" value to each process. As these processes are executed—whether on a scheduled basis or triggered manually—and successfully concluded, the cumulative time savings are updated, reflecting the efficiency gains in terms of the allocated human minutes.

Issues Page Next is the Issues page, this vital section allows you to report any challenges or optimizations you wish to address with your automations. Whether it's a request to modify the execution schedule or concerns about data accuracy, this page is your direct line to support. Upon issue submission, the status will be marked as "Filed," signifying its recognition in our system. We then meticulously work on each issue, ensuring a thorough resolution. Once we have successfully addressed your concerns, the status will update to "Resolved," providing a transparent and efficient way to monitor the progress and resolution of every reported issue.

Administration Page Finally, we present the Administration page, an essential hub for managing your administrative and financial interactions with us. This comprehensive section allows you to access important documents such as contracts and W-9 forms, alongside detailed billing information. Within the billing area, you'll find a clear overview of your retainer balance, the date of the latest invoice, its current status (whether "Invoice Sent," "Payment Received," or "Upcoming"), and the dates for the next invoice dispatch and due payment. We prioritize transparency and communication, hence a reminder is placed at the bottom of the page: should you decide to discontinue your subscription with Elite AI Automations, we kindly ask for notice before the next upcoming invoice send date, ensuring a smooth and clear transition for both parties.

Conclusion And that concludes the tour of the current client portal at Elite AI Automations. We remain committed to evolving our services and eagerly anticipate integrating new features based on our clients' needs and feedback. We trust this overview has provided you with a glimpse into the experience of partnering with Elite AI Automations, demonstrating our dedication to fostering efficiency and innovation within your operations.


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