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Case Study: Streamlining Data Collection for a Small Food Brokerage Through Automation

Client Overview

Industry: Food Brokerage

Company Size: Small Enterprise

Initial Challenges: Inefficient manual data collection from diverse, non-API third-party sources

Objective: To enhance operational efficiency through automation of data collection and integration into advanced analytics platforms.

Business Challenge

A small but dynamic food brokerage faced significant operational inefficiencies due to outdated data collection methods. The company's staff manually logged into various third-party portals multiple times each week to download critical sales data. This cumbersome process involved aggregating data in Excel and saving reports on a local server, which was not only time-consuming but also prone to human error and data loss. The lack of direct API access to these third-party data sources exacerbated the challenge, making seamless system integration a distant reality.

Our Solution

Understanding the unique needs and challenges of the brokerage, Elite AI Automations devised a tailored solution to streamline their data management processes. Our approach involved the deployment of advanced robotic process automation (RPA) technologies to replace manual data handling with automated systems.

Implemented Solutions
  • Automated Data Collection Bots: We developed and deployed RPA bots programmed to log into designated portals each night automatically. These bots extracted all necessary sales data, ensuring no datasets were missed and data integrity was maintained.

  • Data Centralization through MySQL: The extracted data was automatically uploaded to multiple MySQL databases. This not only secured the data but also structured it in a way that was easy to manage and retrieve.

  • Real-Time Data Visualization with Power BI: We integrated these MySQL databases with Power BI to create dynamic, real-time dashboards. This allowed for instantaneous data visualization, providing the brokerage with up-to-date business intelligence that was previously unavailable.

Results Achieved

The automation solutions implemented by Elite AI Automations transformed the food brokerage’s operational capabilities in several impactful ways:

  1. Daily Granular Data Collection:

    • Impact: Moved from a bi-weekly collection of weekly data to a daily update cycle, significantly increasing data resolution and enabling precise time-specific analysis.

  2. Centralized Data Management:

    • Impact: Eliminated scattered Excel files, centralizing data storage in a MySQL data warehouse. This improved both data security and organizational efficiency.

  3. Significant Time Savings:

    • Impact: Automated systems reduced the daily 45-minute manual process to virtually zero direct human handling time. Data was ready and available each morning, maximizing productive use of work hours.

Tech Stack Used

Conclusion and Future Outlook

By partnering with Elite AI Automations, the food brokerage not only optimized its data collection processes but also laid down a scalable foundation for future growth. The implemented RPA bots and BI tools have not only streamlined day-to-day operations but have also positioned the brokerage to leverage data-driven decision-making effectively. Going forward, the brokerage plans to explore additional automation avenues with Elite AI Automations, potentially expanding into predictive analytics to forecast sales trends and market demands. This case study exemplifies how integrating modern technology solutions like RPA and BI tools can transform small businesses into efficient, data-empowered enterprises.

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